Jaded Ibis and Digital Publishing

15 Sep

This blog will follow  publishers Jaded Ibis Productions, a business I have had my eye on for a while, as they combine my love of writing, innovation and environmentalism. They do truly innovative things with the written word, as each author is paired up with an artist (visual, technological, auditory, and probably things that have yet to be invented) to create the final product. Works are often available in multiple forms (including on clay tablets or illuminated manuscripts or in tiny form at the bottom of a snow-globe), but almost always in a digital one. Because their works are so involved, they only publish about 6-10 per year.

To give you an example of Jaded Ibis’ work, I just recently I found my way to Alexandra Chasin’s book called Brief, about an art vandal on trial for the crime. Alexandra was paired up with a programmer, and they created an app novel, downloadable on iTunes. As the story references moments in history, culture, art, etc., relevant pictures are randomly displayed in the app novel as the text wraps around them, creating an immersive experience.

No page is ever the same, even if you flip back to one you have read before.  A print version of the book also available for a limited time, as mentioned above, at the bottom of a snow-globe.

Jaded Ibis’ most popular work is The Secret Life of Objects by Dawn Raffell. Her son created the pictures inserted throughout the memoir.

Jaded Ibis’ motto is “We are the future of publishing.” Their mission “is to publish and produce art that is intellectually, culturally and environmentally sustainable.” They state they keep current on interactive and brain/computer interfaces, mostly utilized at this point in gaming, as they anticipate this could affect the future of literary art and intellectual narratives. They use a Print-On-Demand model for fulfilling print orders, as this is more environmentally sound than ordering large batches of books that may not be sold. They publish fiction and non-fiction, short story collections and poetry by any author willing to collaborate with an artist and connect socially with their community. They have a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter as well as a literary blog.

In addition to Jaded Ibis, this blog will also track news on the digital front at large and innovations from other publishers that are changing the way the public thinks about the experience of reading a book. I hope you enjoy my journey and my posts.


Jaded Ibis: http://jadedibisproductions.com/

Interview Jaded Ibis Publisher-in-Chief Debra Di Blasi: http://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelhumphrey/2011/02/11/the-21st-century-novel-jaded-ibis-sees-a-mashup


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