ReaderLink Calls for Higher Prices on E-books

16 Sep

The head of ReaderLink, a company that supplies some of the largest book retailers with print books, is calling for higher prices on e-books.  Dennis Abboud, the head of ReaderLink, is asking e-book retailers to study their pricing methods. While ReaderLink’s customers include such retail giants at Walmart, Target, and Costco, their already-low prices on print books are still are more expensive the e-book versions, and this is driving consumers to e-books. Abboud speculates that publishers would need to increase their budgets for digital content marketing if the trend continues, and it may be cheaper simply to adjust pricing models.

Not that ReaderLink has lagged behind the digital curve. ReaderLink has developed ReaderLink Digital, a platform allowing brick-and-mortar book retailers like those mentioned above to sell e-pubs and print books online, with some retailers interested in beginning the service as soon as next year. ReaderLink is also preparing to place some “Espresso Book Machines” in retailers’ shops to test the print-on-demand market (and if I ever saw one of these machines I would SO try it).



Publisher’s Weekly:

Espresso Book Machine at Politics and Prose:


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