Mobile Storytelling

20 Sep

Today I saw this article on mobile storytelling ventures in London. Apps like Twitter and Facebook are all about telling stories, real-life stories, so it is only natural that there should also be apps to help people make, restructure and share fiction.

People buy and use mobile storytelling and reading apps (like Kindle, iBooks and eMobo and its companion website to entertain themselves while trapped on public transit, sitting in traffic or standing in line. It falls in the same tradition of Arabian Nights or The Iliad, telling stories to pass the time, entertain and keep the monsters at bay.

While is fairly straightforward: an author creates a story and disseminates it, readers can download on mobile apps or read online, this app, Tiny Games by Hide and Seek, makes writing and reading into a local-centric game, slicing and re-structuring “story” to include local information, a social aspect and good, old-fashioned creativity to create a brand new narrative.

Also recently created, also in London, is an app called Me Books specifically for creating interactivity with children’s’ picture books.  It allows children to select with their finger the part of the story/picture they like best and record narration of their own. Licensing from traditional publishers for conversion to this digital medium was difficult, and an issue I anticipate will continue as digitization of traditional books continues. However, as digital publishing expands and becomes norm, these licensing issues will decrease.


Tiny Games App by Hide&Seek:

Me Books:


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