The Commonplace Book and An Honest Ghost by Rick Whitaker

21 Sep

Jaded Ibis has six new books due out in the Fall and I will post about them here as I get more information. Their newest releases number six as well, so it seems they roll out a half-dozen or so quarterly/seasonally.

I managed to find a publicity flier about An Honest Ghost, a novel by Rick Whitaker, which is due out this Fall and sounds like it will be an interesting work. In the old, old tradition of Commonplace books, An Honest Ghost is a collection of words written and published by other people throughout the centuries, re-arranged into a semi-autobiographical novel.

An Honest Ghost will be released as an interactive iBook, e-book and paperback. In the interactive iBook, touching a sentence will bring up the original source information, including author, book, and page number.

I wonder if this indicates the possibility of commonplace book resurgence. I once had an idea to string a lot of lyrics and sentences I liked together in a long, winding string of tattoo around my arm. Thankfully, I decided against it. A commonplace book would make an interesting replacement, however.

It seems a lot of innovations in publishing center around breaking apart traditional narratives and pinning them together again in a different way, be it with pictures, audio, shake-me-up-and-I-scramble e-functionality or, as in An Honest Ghost, taking scraps of other works and making a cohesive narrative out them. In any case, I look forward to the other upcoming releases by Jaded Ibis, and innovation across the publishing world in general.


Jade Ibis Press’ Rick Whitaker author page:

Press Flyer for An Honest Ghost:


3 Responses to “The Commonplace Book and An Honest Ghost by Rick Whitaker”


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