Augmented Reality Storytelling

23 Sep

Drew Davidson will be speaking about augmented reality storytelling at the Frankfurt Book Fair on October 11th.  Augmented reality uses geotagging, 3-D effects, holograms and animation to break down the barrier between the reader and a book’s content. Readers are now part of a fully immersive experience as participants in the story, no longer a bystander watching adventure unfold, but in the thick of the action.

Augmented reality is a hardcore extension of Jaded Ibis’ cross-genre experiments. I am interested to read about what Davidson says at the Fair on October 11th about interactive storytelling and about the technologies worth incorporating into the reading experience (of the future!). What really excites me, however, will be the epic  possibilities of choose-your-own-adventure type stories, and the opportunity for everyday people to create immersive stories of their own to share with friends and communities.


Storydrive Speaker Drew Davidson on Augmented Reality Storytelling:


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