Carla Gannis and Justin Petropoulos collaboration: Legend

26 Sep

Jaded Ibis collaborators Carla Gannis (ink drawings) and Justin Petropoulos'(poet) project called “Legend” ( <legend>  </legend> ) is in installation at Transfer Gallery from September 7th to the 28th. The exhibit, app and book are based on text redactions of The Book of Earths by Edna Kenton, published in 1928. It’s a book about the speculations and superstitions about the earth throughout the years. The app allows users to redact and change the text to create poetry and a new narrative from those words left over from redactions themselves. The exhibit changes the redacted texts into images, digital paintings, animations, projection mapped and 3D printed sculptures, as well as interactive works.

The narrative includes poetry of various lengths (created by redacting narrative), organized into chapters. The ink drawings by Carla Gannis were written in response to audio recordings of each poem while still being informed by the original illustrations in The Book of Earths, most of which are old variations of Earth maps.

Jaded Ibis seems always to be working with truncated and rearranged narratives to create new stories. The museum installation and app allows readers/users to experience and interact with the narrative. While I do not think the book, as an art form, is in any danger of going extinct, I am interested to see who comprises the new audience pulled in by art installations and interactive applications.


Transfer Gallery Installation:

“Legend” on Jaded Ibis:

Book of Earths App, easy directions:


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