Sketches Straight to Digital

27 Sep

Moleskine and Evernote are working together to make it easier for analog sketches to be converted in digital copies. As an author who’ll imminently be marrying sketches (by a very talented artist) with a short story I’ve written, this comes as great news.  For someone multi-talented in this regard (not so much me – I can’t draw a stick figure), the prospect of easily converting sketches, while organizing them, must be something artists have been waiting for since the dawn of the internet.

Comic book artists, storyboard artists and those whose sketches become paintings, sculptures or other forms of art, will want to take note of Moleskine’s Sketchbook. Artists can tag pages with Evernote and then scan and upload the page to the cloud, where it is stored and organized.

While not a leap forward specifically in publishing, it is a new way to store the information that may make its way into author’s works. I have seen scanned story maps of, for instance, one of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books and Heller’s Catch 22.  I know my own story wall is sometimes chaotic if I have multiple projects going at once. If I had the ability to draw a map or outline, scan, sort and store it then move on, maybe I could concentrate a bit more on the story at hand and get rid of some of the paper cluttering my workspace.  Organization will always be a key element in writing and publishing.

notebook page

Examples above as to how ridiculous an author’s, ahem, MY, analog workspace can become

idea wall

Examples above as to how ridiculous an author’s, ahem, MY, analog workspace can become

I can also imagine authors publishing a digital copy of the notebook they kept while writing popular novels as a companion piece.  Perhaps readers could pay  a little bit more and get this digital notebook to go along with their books. It would be similar to the DVD extras, or the Blu-Ray extra-extras that come along with a movie or TV show purchase.

As publishing moves deeper into digital forms, new avenues for revenue and for connecting with readers will reveal themselves. The Moleskine Sketchbook is just one of the devices that will allow closer connections between an idea’s inception and its realization in digital form.


Moleskine Sketchbook:

JK Rowling’s story map:

Ten Author Story Maps:


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