[SIC] by Davis Schneiderman

5 Oct

[SIC] is a collection of excerpts from works in the public domain, with art by Andi Olsen.  Written, or more compiled, by Davis Schneiderman and published on Jaded Ibis Press, it serves almost as an opposite bookend to Rick Whitaker’s An Honest Ghost, which is a compilation of short snippets of copyrighted works.  [SIC] is the second in a trilogy of works by Schneiderman, all published on Jaded Ibis, including BLANK (2011), SIC and INK (which is forthcoming). Schneiderman is a conceptual artist, and his works are the quintessential marriage of art and writing. SIC comes in two forms, the POD Cratespace, standard version, and a “fine art” edition that will release a biological pathogen across the text. What the pathogen will do? Not sure. Maybe redact the text? As described by Jaded Ibis and the author the pathogen will make the reader “sick – sick about copyright.”

[SIC] is available POD, with Createspace and there is a book giveaway on Goodreads through October 29.


[SIC] Giveaway on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18338370-sic

Davis Schneiderman Author Page on Jaded Ibis: http://jadedibisproductions.com/davis-schneiderman/

Davis Schneiderman website: http://www.davisschneiderman.com/deadbooks.html


2 Responses to “[SIC] by Davis Schneiderman”


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