Jaded Ibis Authors at Litquake

12 Oct

A plucky band of authors from Jaded Ibis will participate in readings during Litquake, a literature festival/lit crawl/event held annually in San Francisco since 2002 (though for two years before that it was called Litstock – the name change was a plus, in my opinion). Different venues all over the city and in the SF By Area open their doors to authors for readings and literature-related event.

Litquake 2013 is taking place over nine days and will include over 800 authors/journalists and have more than 160 events. It will end with the Lit Crawl, which is taking place in the Mission district and includes over 80 venues. Despite the claim that the lust for literature and books is dying, this festival gets bigger every year.  Granted, San Francisco generally spends almost double the national average on books (and alcohol), but the impressive attendance at Litquake and its varied panels of national and international authors indicates the literary business is far from dead.

San Francisco-based groups tend to make amazing use of available technology, and Litquake is no exception. In addition to standard Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages, Litquake will have podcasts available on its website of popular readings, Q&As or panels (also on local radio in the SF Bay Area). They also have a Youtube channel to engage those of us who (sadly) couldn’t make it Litquake this year.

Jaded Ibis’ business model rests on authors engaging socially and speaking about their books, and the books of others at their publishing house. Exposure during a literary festival as big as Litquake (with some of the most engaged, and technologically-engaged, readers in America), be it doing a reading or engaging in a Q&A, will definitely get some thumbs clacking and tongues wagging.  There are six Jaded Ibis authors attending Litquake and reading during Lit Crawl: Alexandra Chasin, Elizabeth Colen, Janice Lee, Man Millsapps, Anna Joy Springer and Doug Rice. Debra Di Blasi, Publisher in Chief, will also be in attendance.

San Francisco’s Litquake is happening now, October 11-19th!


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