Something Wrong With Her, Cris Mazza

22 Oct

Something Wrong With Her is the newest book by prolific author (she has written 16 other books) Cris Mazza, available on Jaded Ibis Press. It is a memoir about Mazza’s lifelong struggle with anorgasmia (inability to orgasm), and the unexpected (really unexpected!) love story that blossomed during her research into her past. In this narrative, Mazza unflinchingly explores the full extent of her sexual history, from her childhood, through adolescence (where she first met the unexpected love interest) and into adulthood.

Something Wrong With Her, Cris Mazza (Jaded Ibis Productions)

Something Wrong With Her, Cris Mazza (Jaded Ibis Productions)

The book brings up incredibly important points that to Mazza felt/feels isolating, but turn out to be pretty universal: hypersexualization of women in American culture, and the prevalence of anorgasmia (in one form or another) among women. Many adolescents and women feel they are pressured into outwardly sexualizing themselves, far beyond the extent they feel sexualized within. This feeling of isolation, or feeling of difference can manifest itself in anorgasmia for some, or other sexual “disorders” connected to psychological distress. An unexpected outcome of this book for Mazza, I would imagine, will be the dialog it opens for other women to be honest about how they feel on these subjects. While I belive this work was one of personal revelation and healing for Mazza, I think it may help do the same for other women who are living with misplaced shame and lack of self-esteem.

Something Wrong With Her is coupled with a jazz digital musical accompanyment — the saxophonist is Mazza’s current partner, the unexpected love interest, Mark — as all Jaded Ibis productions are a combination of multiple artistic formats.  As Mazza mentioned in her radio interview, the musical accompanyment gives her partner the chance to speak intandem with her writing. The book is available now for pre-order through Jaded Ibis Press.

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