Jaded Ibis Authors at Ukrainian Institute of America and Sidewalk Bar and Restaurant, NYC

3 Nov

With November comes new events for Jaded Ibis.

Later this week multiple authors and editors from Jaded Ibis, as well as the Publisher-in-Chief, will be making appearances in New York City. On Friday they will be at the Ukrainian Institute of America, and on Saturday they will be at Sidewalk Bar and Restaurant.

At the Ukrainian Institute of America, Debra Di Blasi (Publisher-in-Chief of Jaded Ibis), Justin Petropoulos, Carla Gannis, Susan Lewis, David Moscovich, Susan Scutti, Yuriy Tarnawsky, Marc Vincent and Sam Witt will be part of  Fresh Wind, A Literary Evening With Innovative American Writers. The event begins at 8 pm on 11/8/2013. Details below:


Click for details

At Sidewalk Bar the Jaded Ibis gang are participating in a Spring Into Fall celebration, which begins at 6:30 pm on 11/9/2013. Details below:


11-9-13 event

Click for details


Publisher-in-Chief Debra Di Blasi likes to get her authors out and into direct contact with the public.  Through radio interviews, mixed media art exhibits, special events and appearances, Jaded Ibis makes a concerted effort to reach people who may not be their traditional readership (if there is such a thing for such an eclectic/eccentric publisher).

Independent publishers like Jaded Ibis absolutely must continue to participate in events like these, and find new ways to engage new readers. As more and more publishers pop into existence, and the market is flooded with reading material, the ability of any one author or independent publisher to gain traction against large publishers has dropped dramatically. Authors, editors and publishers have to take on the role of sales- and spokes-men/women if they want their words to be heard.

To hear some Jaded Ibis words heard, it’d behoove you to live in NYC right now, but I am sure as the publisher’s Fall releases continue to roll out there will be appearances happening in other locations.


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