An Honest Ghost Now Available Through Kindle Matchbook

5 Nov

I can’t lie: I am waiting on pins and needles for the interactive multimedia version of this book to come out.

It hasn’t happened yet (that I can find), but the e-book versions of An Honest Ghost by Rick Whitaker are available in various formats (Kindle and nook). And check it out! It’s also available through Kindle Matchbook! Yes! So if you were so impatient to read this book you bought it in physical form, you can get the Kindle edition for 70% off – only $2.99.

I know, I sound like a commercial right now, but I’m head-over-heels for the concept of this book.

Jaded Ibis, in usual way-ahead-of-the-curve form, has taken advantage of the Kindle Matchbook program, which was launched last month to much (unnecessary, in my opinion) consternation. I think a bundling program is a logical and amazing idea, especially considering that when I like an e-book I often buy a hard copy to remind myself I liked it a lot. Those hard copy books are great for train rides, metro rides and planes, when the eyes are tired of staring at screens.

I’m holding my horses on buying this book until I can find the multimedia, interactive version, as I’m really not fond of appendices (which is how the references are compiled in the physical and e-book versions of the book), but my excitement for the work still hasn’t waned.

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