Debra Di Blasi on Books of the Future Panel at swissnex San Francisco

11 Nov

Jaded Ibis Publisher-in-Chief Debra Di Blasi spoke on the Books of the Future panel at swissnex San Francisco. She spoke about Jaded Ibis’ continuing mission to be at the intersection of writing, art, technology and real life.  Di Blasi reiterates that she works to create “narratives” as opposed to books, as the media Jaded Ibis creates is purposely and consistently cross-media (or trans-media).

Future Jaded Ibis author Jan Millsapps also speaks on the panel, mentioning her book Venus on Mars (due out in 2014), which incorporates QR codes to supplemental information, and links with Social Samba. Social Samba allows fans of media (TV shows, movies, books) to interact with the characters within the work IRL (in real life). It’s SUCH an interesting concept. One I will definitely try to incorporate into my own future works.

The panel was quite interesting, and you can see both Jan Millsapps and Debra Di Blasi present here:


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  1. Jaded Ibis Productions, A Recap | Exploration in Digital Publishing Innovations - November 12, 2013

    […] Outreach: Jaded Ibis’ Publisher-in-Chief, Debra Di Blasi, puts emphasis on outreach by authors via traditional methods (interviews, radio appearances) as well as social media, and she (and authors) appears at interesting conferences and events. In addition to the art exhibit mentioned above, during the time I followed Jaded Ibis there were appearances at LitQuake, &Now, multiple events in New York City, and at swissnex San Francisco. […]

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