Harlequin Teams Up with Wattpad, Signs Contest Winner

13 Dec

The trend of offering contest winners book contracts continues. Harlequin held a So You Think You Can Write contest earlier this year and offered the winner a two-book contract. Interestingly, for this contest Harlequin partnered with Wattpad and entrants uploaded chapters to that site as they wrote them, getting immediate feedback from Wattpad’s readers (numbering around 20 million). Originally, Harlequin was going to choose the top four authors for contracts, but they were so impressed with the writing, possibly because of the vetting process provided by throwing every chapter through the Wattpad wringer, that they opted to take on the top six for various free editorial services.

In this current world of abundance, where anyone can self-publish a book, traditional publishers are often waiting for authors to prove their worth (often via self-publishing or by winning short-story or long-form contests) before signing them to contracts. Authors can bring their established fanbase with them when they continue to write with an established publisher, and the publisher is taking on decidedly less risk when producing these authors’ works.

SYTYCW authors will be published through Harlequin’s adult digital romance series, and the winner, Tanya Wright’s, first book will be published in early 2014. This is a recurring contest, and will begin again in September of 2014.

Get the word from various sources below:



www.soyouthinkyoucanwrite.com or www.sytycw.com


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