Vellum Makes Life Easier for Authors

17 Dec

I get excited about almost anything that will make author’s lives easier.  A new program called Vellum helps self-publishing authors and small, indie publishers create iBook, EPUB and MOBI files without having to learn a complex program or computer language. Hooray!  Vellum offers lots of options to beautify an e-book, and you can see your changes immediately, right in the e-book display, including formatting and inlaid art. It runs only on Mac OS X at this point, but it seems like a great step in the pub-for-all direction.


You can download Vellum from creator 18og’s website, and generate books at incremental prices.

See below for more info:

Vellum Simplifies Ebook Conversion so Authors can Focus on Their Craft:

Vellum on creator 18og’s website:



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