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Smashwords Makes a Deal With Overdrive

26 May

Hi Indie innovation fans! Long time, no speak.

Exciting news for Indie authors! Self-publishing/small publishing house giant Smashwords has made a deal with Overdrive, the company that supplies a majority of libraries with e-book lending capabilities. This is amazing news for self-published authors, as the possibility for getting one’s work into the eyes and ears of a larger audience is much more feasible with a partnership like this.

Smashwords has been trying to create bridges between indie authors and libraries for quite a long time, and has previous agreements with Baker & Taylor Axis 360 and 3M Cloud Library, as well as with some regional library systems. Overdrive, however, is the biggest national aggregator of e-books for American libraries, and Smashwords is also curating various collections to make it easier for libraries to categorize and distribute e-books. Libraries will be given the option to purchase the complete catalog of top 100, 500 or 1,000 best-selling Smashwords authors, or can be given a curated list by genre, revealing results like the top 1,000 best-selling Smashwords mystery and thriller titles, or best-selling romance titles.

A couple cool things about this deal: The pricing and licensing terms for Smashwords titles are actually cheaper for libraries than those supplied by the Big-Five publishing houses, and some Smashwords authors have opted to offer their entire Smashwords catalogs at even deeper discounts to libraries. The new deal also offers Overdrive users the option of buying a book if it is “checked out,” via Overdrive’s “buy it now” feature. This feature is particularly interesting to me, as I have never, ever gotten an e-book immediately when I was interested in it.  I always had to wait for it to become available. But, impatient as I am, if I had the option to just buy the book I was looking for I would be quite inclined to do so.

There are lots of articles about the deal, but below are a curated stash of articles on it. Read up, and read on!

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